Classification Changes

(Kathy Guild, CSEA Dep. Director of Contract Administration)

UCS has announced that they are conducting a comprehensive review of the UCS Classification Plan for certain sub-series within the Legal Series and to the entry level titles in the two Office Clerical sub-series.

The Legal Series classification review will credit outside legal experience toward qualification for the sub-series titles Court Attorney and Court Attorney (Trial Part), which currently does not provide any credit for outside legal experience.  When someone is appointed to those two titles, they receive the hiring rate of the entry level title, regardless of their prior experience outside the court system.  These sub-series also differ from other Legal sub-series with respect to the number of years’ experience required to progress through the titles/grades.

UCS will now provide credit for experience outside of the court system for these two titles for any attorney in these sub-series who does not currently hold an Associate level legal series title.  The Division of Human Resources will be emailing a link next month to incumbents in these two sub-series to use an online tool to verify their outside legal experience.  They will then audit the information provided and calculate the title/grade changes required by the new rules.  UCS has indicated that salary changes will be implemented prior to the end of the current fiscal year, March 31, 2018.

The titles of Court Office Assistant and the Data Recording Assistant sub-series will be reallocated from a JG 8 to a JG 10 and these positions will be earmarked for change in the future.  The reallocation will be effective upon the execution of the Administrative Orders implementing the grade change for current employees, after HR completes the job analysis, updates the title standards and completes a salary determination for all current employees impacted by the grade change.  UCS has indicated that they are expected to be implemented by March 31, 2018. 

The current list in effect for these two titles will remain in place and will be used until classification decisions are made regarding combining these sub-series.  Appointments from the current lists that are made after the execution of the Administrative Order will be made at JG 10.

In addition, UCS has also indicated that classification work related to the Court Clerical Series continues.  They stated that adjustments to this Series are complicated and require significant study of the statewide impact on the overall classification structure.

We will keep you updated regarding these changes as we receive additional information.


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