Get the Facts on the 2011-2017 Tentative Agreement

CSEA-represented Court System Workers:

Don't trust the "OUTSIDERS" when it comes to YOUR contract! Get the FACTS yourself!

CSEA Court System workers should learn the facts about the tentative agreement with the Office of Court Administration and vote. Ignore the lies and interference of outside groups. Remember, these are the self-serving people who wouldn't join in solidarity with CSEA members to avoid layoffs! These other unions have had three years to negotiate their own contract - most haven't had a single negotiating meeting with the courts but now want to tell you how to think and act by circulating untruths about the agreement.

To support their own agenda, the Outsiders are counting on you to believe their simple but inaccurate comparison between CSEA's Executive Branch and Judicial Branch contracts. These are completely different contracts, and you can't do an honest apples-to-apples direct comparison between the two in one quick flyer.

The fact is, there are many enhancements contained in this contract agreement that have been conveniently ignored by the Outsiders. Such as:

● Our proposed contract adds a sixth year with an additional 2% wage increase for all CSEA workers for 2016 (Executive Branch workers only had a five year contract);

Step increments were preserved, and longevity increments were converted to longevity payments;

● Our proposed contract includes much higher longevity payments than what Executive Branch workers get;

No furloughs are contained in this tentative agreement;

Improved Seniority language, and many other enhancements!

Don't let the Outsiders determine how you vote or take your rights away.


Talk to any member of our CSEA Negotiating Team to get first-hand knowledge and facts to assist you in making an informed decision! Then, make sure you vote.

It's YOUR contract - not anyone else's.

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