Gun Discharge Program


(Susan Radosh, CSEA Dep. Director of State Operations, Feb. 14, 2019)

To all our CSEA members working for the Unified Court System:

CSEA has a program available to any member who carries a firearm as a requirement in the performance of their UCS job duties.  This program has existed for several years, and provides an important benefit for our members who carry firearms as a requirement of their job.  This program provides free legal assistance in the event of a gun discharge by a member while in the line of duty. On occasion, physical force, including the discharge of a firearm may be used to affect an arrest.  District Attorneys or other parties in the courtroom may question the discharge of the firearm, and this could lead to an investigation.  Should such an investigation occur, CSEA’s Legal Assistance Program will provide representation to the member involved in the use of force incident 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This CSEA benefit works in the following way:

  1. An attorney will be available by telephone 24 hours a day to speak with a union representative or the responding officials regarding a use of physical force incident to bring the matter to a successful resolution.  The attorney may make a personal appearance in response to the incident, should the attorney deem this necessary.  Attorney representation covers the District Attorney’s investigation, as well as any Grand Jury appearance related to the incident.  This is at no cost to the CSEA member involved in the incident.
  2. If criminal charges are issued, representation under the CSEA Legal Assistance Program will cease.  However, the CSEA assigned attorney is permitted to continue representing the member, at the member’s request, with the costs of such continued representation being agreed to in writing between the member and the attorney AND paid for by the member. 

Please note that the CSEA Legal Assistance Program does not provide legal assistance for gun discharge incidents unrelated to the performance of a member’s official duties. 

A list of CSEA Legal Assistance Gun Discharge Attorneys in your geographic area is attached here and is available at, under Resources/Services. 

Gun Discharge Attorneys List - Click Here

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