Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last week the Court System issued a memorandum giving an update regarding its ongoing response and guidance related to the COVID-19 (the Novel Coronavirus). Please refer to that memo for guidance related to leave in the event of isolation, quarantine, or home self-monitoring. This memo has expanded Section 9.5(d) Leave for Quarantine of our contract.

Section 9.5(d) Leave for Quarantine. If an employee who is not ill himself/herself is required to remain absent because of quarantine and presents a written statement of the attending physician or local health officer proving the necessity of such absence, he/she shall be granted leave with pay for the period of his/her required absence, without charge against accumulated sick leave, annual leave or overtime credits. Prior to return to duty, such employee may be required to submit a written statement from the local health officer having jurisdiction that his/her return to duty will not jeopardize the health of other employees.

Our office was notified yesterday morning about an attorney who appeared in Westchester County’s Matrimonial Part and in the Westchester County Family Court annex has tested positive for the coronavirus. It has been conveyed to us that all individuals who the Court System is aware may have been in contact with this attorney have already been contacted and advised to consult with medical professionals. We have stressed to the OCA that proper disinfection of the areas where the individual may have occupied is of the utmost importance. At this point we are unaware of any events in the 3rd JD or with MHLS. Our members and their families health and safety are our primary concern.

Please be guided by the facts on the virus and not media hysteria. While this is a serious matter, be assured that your concerns are being addressed with the NYS Office of Court Administration. We have been in contact with the Ninth Judicial District Court Employee Association during this situation and are working together to get the correct information out to our members. At this time we are waiting for further updates from the districts as to any responses that may take place with regard to any transmission of the COVID 19 Virus. As this information becomes available we will keep you posted. Please refer to our facebook page for further updates.

Please continue to exercise the safe practices recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH). Wash hands often for 20 seconds. Stay at home if you have flu-like systems. Maintain social distancing as much as possible. For further information on the virus CSEA has created a web site specifically dealing with Coronavirus and how it may impact you as workers. We are updating this site on a regular basis as the situation changes throughout our state. For the latest information, please visit our page at:

Your Safety and Health are our concern. Stay safe, use common sense, if you have any questions as always feel free to email, or call, 845-798-6182.

In Solidarity,
Kevin Mahler