CSEA Judiciary unit and UCS reached a Tentative Agreement

As you may be aware, CSEA Judiciary unit and UCS reached a Tentative Agreement on November 8, 2022.  Here is a side-by-side comparison between the current 2020-2021 collective bargaining agreement and the new Tentative Agreement.  On November 21, 2022 CSEA will send ballots to vote on this Tentative Agreement via electronic means Election Buddy to members whose non-work email addresses are on record with CSEA; and a paper ballot and return envelope to members for whom CSEA does not have a non-work email address.

To check/correct/ or add an email address please call: 800-342-4146 or send an email informing them of a correct email address at : membersolutionscenter@CSEAINC.ORG no later than Friday, November 18, 2022.

For those members whose email addresses are on record and who will receive the Election Buddy notification, please DO NOT forward the notification you receive to another party or email address.  Once the email is forwarded, and anyone else uses it, that will count as YOUR vote.  Once you have voted on Election Buddy, the email will disappear, but you will receive a receipt confirming your vote.  All ballots, paper and electronic, are due back to CSEA by close of business on December 21, and all ballots will be counted on December 22, 2022.

CSEA will be sending out reminder emails to vote periodically to emails which have not cast a vote.  Each reminder will contain a valid ballot that you can use to vote, so you do not need to search your emails to find a ballot.  Anyone who has cast a vote through Election Buddy will not receive any further reminders.

Please check back here election reminders and updates.

In Solidarity,

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Contract Negotiations

Your CSEA Negotiating team met with OCA in August and September.  We have made great strides towards reaching a tentative agreement but still have several important issues that need to be addressed before we can present a tentative agreement to the members.  We expect the structure of our contract to have many similarities to the CSEA Executive Branch contract that was overwhelmingly ratified.  We are scheduled to meet again with OCA in October.  Upon reaching a tentative agreement, we will be scheduling ratification meetings ahead of ballots going out to the membership.  Remember, only members of CSEA will be allowed to have a vote and final say on the contract. We thank all of you for your continued support as we work toward obtaining the best contract, we can for you.

Contract Negotiations

CSEA met with OCA on August 3rd and had a productive negotiating session. We will meet again for negotiations on August 24th and will keep the membership updated. Enjoy the end of summer!


COVID Testing

CSEA is aware that some health insurance plans have ceased paying the cost of surveillance COVID testing and are now only covering the cost of symptomatic testing.  CSEA is discussing this issue with the Empire Plan and as members notify us of other health insurance plan notifications, we are speaking with them about this issue.  As you may know, CSEA was the only Union that filed an Improper Practice charge at PERB last October specifically claiming that the cost of testing was a mandatory subject.  That IP was consolidated with the mandated vaccine IP and was heard in April; CSEA is awaiting a determination on both cases from the Administrative Law Judge.

In the meantime, CSEA asked OCA last week whether members could perform home COVID tests and then if positive, be tested at a pharmacy.  OCA said no, they would not accept the results of home tests.  CSEA will continue to push for changes to this policy.

As you know, the CSEA negotiating team representing the Executive branch agencies has a Tentative Agreement and votes to ratify it will be counted on August 2nd.  The contract is a good one with many improvements for members in those agencies; a description of the contract is in the current Workforce.  

Meanwhile closer to home, our Judicial unit negotiating team is back at the table with OCA on August 3rd.

Contract Negotiations

CSEA Judiciary/UCS Contract Negotiations Update:

Your CSEA Contract Negotiating Team finally returned to the bargaining table with UCS on Thursday May 12th and Wednesday May 18th, since being told in January by UCS they could not meet in February, March, or April. CSEA came into the first May meeting with a full package of proposals; UCS’ proposal for a short-term agreement with increases matching those already being paid to non-CSEA bargaining units in the Executive Branch was almost word-for-word the same as their January 5 proposal to CSEA with some tweaks. CSEA is seeking a longer-term agreement with increased benefits for members.

Please remember that it would be unduly detrimental to the bargaining process to set forth the specifics of all of these proposals. But rest assured that the CSEA Bargaining Team will continue to make proposals to address your concerns and issues.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

Contract negotiations

CSEA-UCS Contract Update:

As members are aware, CSEA and UCS have been holding negotiating sessions which began in August, followed by five subsequent meetings. CSEA has given OCA proposals on over 20 articles covering issues ranging from salary increases to telecommuting; our proposals have included monetary and non-monetary items. Our team has acted professionally as we represent all of you at the table across from OCA.

From August until December, OCA had not provided one proposal to CSEA. Suddenly at the recent negotiating sessions, OCA provided a proposal which predicated contract negotiation settlement on CSEA’s withdrawal of our pending Improper Practice charges regarding COVID 19 vaccination, and additional agreement that any future COVID booster mandate would not be challenged, even if not negotiated with the Union.

CSEA’s Team informed OCA we did not want to link the non-contract COVID 19 mandates to contract negotiations. Both should be negotiated, but without linking one to the other.

Ultimately, OCA told CSEA they were no longer interested in continuing negotiations at this time, because they are too busy! OCA provided dates in May and June to meet.

The CSEA Local Presidents are meeting this week to consider what actions to take next –stay tuned!


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