CSEA-UCS Contract Update:

As members are aware, CSEA and UCS have been holding negotiating sessions which began in August, followed by five subsequent meetings. CSEA has given OCA proposals on over 20 articles covering issues ranging from salary increases to telecommuting; our proposals have included monetary and non-monetary items. Our team has acted professionally as we represent all of you at the table across from OCA.

From August until December, OCA had not provided one proposal to CSEA. Suddenly at the recent negotiating sessions, OCA provided a proposal which predicated contract negotiation settlement on CSEA’s withdrawal of our pending Improper Practice charges regarding COVID 19 vaccination, and additional agreement that any future COVID booster mandate would not be challenged, even if not negotiated with the Union.

CSEA’s Team informed OCA we did not want to link the non-contract COVID 19 mandates to contract negotiations. Both should be negotiated, but without linking one to the other.

Ultimately, OCA told CSEA they were no longer interested in continuing negotiations at this time, because they are too busy! OCA provided dates in May and June to meet.

The CSEA Local Presidents are meeting this week to consider what actions to take next –stay tuned!