CSEA Judiciary/UCS Contract Negotiations Update:

Your CSEA Contract Negotiating Team finally returned to the bargaining table with UCS on Thursday May 12th and Wednesday May 18th, since being told in January by UCS they could not meet in February, March, or April. CSEA came into the first May meeting with a full package of proposals; UCS’ proposal for a short-term agreement with increases matching those already being paid to non-CSEA bargaining units in the Executive Branch was almost word-for-word the same as their January 5 proposal to CSEA with some tweaks. CSEA is seeking a longer-term agreement with increased benefits for members.

Please remember that it would be unduly detrimental to the bargaining process to set forth the specifics of all of these proposals. But rest assured that the CSEA Bargaining Team will continue to make proposals to address your concerns and issues.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!