CSEA is aware that some health insurance plans have ceased paying the cost of surveillance COVID testing and are now only covering the cost of symptomatic testing.  CSEA is discussing this issue with the Empire Plan and as members notify us of other health insurance plan notifications, we are speaking with them about this issue.  As you may know, CSEA was the only Union that filed an Improper Practice charge at PERB last October specifically claiming that the cost of testing was a mandatory subject.  That IP was consolidated with the mandated vaccine IP and was heard in April; CSEA is awaiting a determination on both cases from the Administrative Law Judge.

In the meantime, CSEA asked OCA last week whether members could perform home COVID tests and then if positive, be tested at a pharmacy.  OCA said no, they would not accept the results of home tests.  CSEA will continue to push for changes to this policy.

As you know, the CSEA negotiating team representing the Executive branch agencies has a Tentative Agreement and votes to ratify it will be counted on August 2nd.  The contract is a good one with many improvements for members in those agencies; a description of the contract is in the current Workforce.  

Meanwhile closer to home, our Judicial unit negotiating team is back at the table with OCA on August 3rd.