Judiciary Members Overwhelmingly Ratify Contract Extension

(Susan Radosh, CSEA Dep. Director of State Operations, July 29, 2019)

CSEA Judiciary members across the state overwhelmingly ratified a one-year contract extension with the Unified Court System. The contract extension runs from April 1, 2020 through March 31, 2021. Extension highlights include annual salary schedule increase for all employees in the unit, increases to longevity payments, location pay increases, Security and Law Enforcement Differential (SLED) payment increases and an increase in Family Sick Leave, line of duty leave, bereavement leave, increased contribution to the Employee Benefit Fund and more.  (See the link below for Highlight Sheet)

Contract Extension Highlights – Click Here

Re: Compensatory Time Off

Kathy Guild, Deputy Director
Of Contract Administration
Civil Service Employees Association
143 Washington Ave.
Albany, New York 12210

Re: Compensatory Time Off

Dear Ms. Guild

This is in response to CSEA’s request regarding Section 10.9, Compensatory Time Off, of the 2011-2017 collective Agreement between the Civil Service Employees Association, Inc. and the Unified Court System.

During the triborough period, the State will not end compensatory time option for hours worked between 35 and 40 hours. We will defer the matter for further discussion at negotiations for a successor agreement to the 2011-2017 Agreement

Very truly yours,
Lauren DeSole


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