This is a reminder that in order to vote in the upcoming CSEA Statewide Elections, members will not need to write their CSEA Member ID number anywhere on the return ballot. Every eligible member will be mailed a ballot containing all of the races they are eligible to vote in — Statewide Officers, applicable Region Officers (if there’s a race), Board seat (if there’s a race) and AFSCME Delegates (if there’s a race) — and the ballot return slip will include member information that is scanned by the election agency to verify eligibility.

Ballots will be mailed out on January 22, 2020. Please watch for the blue envelope, and take advantage of this opportunity to exercise your right under our union democracy to have your voice heard. We will notify you closer to January 22nd to remind you that ballots are coming. 1238081634

Stay Union! Stay Strong!


According to a recent analysis of data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, New York is one of 10 states expected to lose a Congressional seat after the next Census. Previous analyses have predicted the loss of two seats. An accurate count of New York’s population in 2020 is imperative to maintaining our state’s representation in Washington.

Why the 2020 Census MATTERS!

Why should it matter to CSEA members that the Census count is accurate this year? The answer, as usual, comes mostly down to dollars and cents. Some might thing the Census is just a way to draw up political districts and determine how many political representatives represent certain areas. Yes, that’s one part of it, but not the most important part for us. The bigger picture, for CSEA members working in government, is that the services we provide are largely funded by federal funding to our state and localities. It actually makes up more than a third of our state budget, and it’s estimated that for every person NOT counted, New York loses $2,000 per person per year for 10 years until the next census.

For more information on the 2020 census and why it matters to public works, click here: https://cseany.org/workforce/statewide/why-it-matters-that-we-count/


A reminder to submit your EBF reimbursement form once you have reached a combined co-pay amount of $325 for physician visit and prescription co-pays OR on/after December 31st each year.  Applications are accepted for 2019 reimbursement through March 31st, 2020.  See the attached guidelines and pay particular attention to what proof of co-pays are accepted, i.e., Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for Physician co-pays and pharmacy printouts for Prescription co-pays.


A special thanks to our Women and Men in Uniform today, we appreciate all you do throughout the course of your duties!  Stay safe brothers and sisters!