The State’s Executive Budget was passed last week.  We are happy to report that included in the budget, is an appropriation for the 2 percent salary increase that was due and payable April 1, 2020.  This appropriation also includes payout for any retroactive monies due.  We do not at this time have an exact date as to which paycheck we can expect to see this money, but are estimating it should be late spring/early summer.  Once this contractual obligation has been paid in full, our grievance that was filed regarding this issue will be withdrawn as moot.  We thank you for your patience in what we know has been a long road.

Additionally we have had many members inquire about an Early Retirement Incentive (ERI).  Though one was passed in the budget, it only pertains to City workers in NYC.  We have no expectation and/or indication that any ERI will be passed for State employees.  In fact, we will be advocating that the hiring and promotional freeze that was implemented by the NYS Division of Budget and the Governor’s office be lifted so that hiring and filling of those positions that were lost due to attrition can be filled as soon as possible.