Throughout the course of the pandemic CSEA has worked diligently and responsibly with OCA, in order to create a safe and healthy environment for all of our members. Unfortunately, we have routinely been playing catchup with the weekly messages from Chief Judge DiFiore and proposed changes in policy and procedures put forth by OCA.

As you may be aware in her latest announcement, Judge DiFiore mentioned the potential of  mandating the COVID-19 Vaccination for our membership. We understand that some of you are angered about this and that some are relieved.  Our membership rolls are a snapshot of society as a whole and our opinions run the gamut as such.  Both CSEA and your Local understand both arguments and respect everyone’s personal choice in this situation. While we await once again, information on how this policy will be instituted,  CSEA is actively researching the legal aspects of the vaccine mandate and what avenues we can use to create a solution for all of our members.

I apologize for the inconvenience and the lack of answers at hand, but considering the circumstances of this policy, I do not want to misspeak or distribute misinformation.  I will keep you apprised via these notices as information becomes available.