On August 26th, 2021 CSEA filed a demand for impact negotiations regarding the mandated testing policy issued on 8/17/21.  Subsequently without response from the Unified Court System, on Aug 31st, 2021 CSEA filed an Improper Practice Charge with the NYS Public Employment Relations Board, which charges OCA with failing to negotiate in good faith the testing costs and potential loss of accruals of our members.  In terms of surveillance testing we do anticipate some members will incur costs associated with that testing, as sites are not readily available in all locations of our Local.  We strongly encourage all members to keep documentation of those costs, in addition to keeping track of the time commuting to testing, time taking the test, and accruals used if charged.  Due to the lack of information provided to the Union and its membership, we recommend that all questions regarding the uploading of test results to SharePoint after September 7, 2021  be made directly to the OCA Human Resources Department.  We anticipate OCA will provide the pertinent information to our members on how to comply with the policy in the coming days.

What we have been told  On 9/7/21, Kronos supervisors will be provided with a list of employees that have not submitted proof of fully vaccinated status by the close of business on 9/3/21.  Those individuals will be required to arrange a day and time with their respective supervisor, during their regular work hours the following week to begin weekly testing, (i.e., there is no testing required next week 9/7-9/10).  The date of 9/7 is being used as a control date for preparing a list of those employees that have or have not provided proof of vaccination status.  This will allow time for employees that will need to undergo testing to make their appointments and arrange for release time the following week.


On August 26th CSEA filed a demand for impact negotiations regarding the mandated vaccination announcement by Judge Marks on August 25th.  In the coming week, CSEA will also be challenging the vaccination policy proposed by OCA.  Again, due to lack of information provided to the Union and its membership, CSEA recommends that all questions regarding application for medical and religious exemption in relation to the vaccination requirement be made directly to the OCA Human Resources Department.  OCA to this point has provided no information to the Union regarding how to make this application or what the basis will be for such exemptions.

What we have been told –  When instituted via the share point system, employees that submit proof of vaccinated status will receive an email that their upload was successful, and their documentation is under review.  Once reviewed/approved, the employee will receive an email confirming that their submission has been approved (To the extent that the individual requested an orange card, it will be shipped as soon as it’s printed.  However the email notification confirming that the proof of vaccinated status is approved is all that’s needed to be “exempt” from weekly testing). 

 As we are provided information from OCA, we will pass it along to you.  We will also continue to update you here on CSEA’s future actions.