*Given the TRO we have been advised that the deadlines for proof of vaccination and submission of requests for exemptions do not apply to employees represented by CSEA.   Please be aware that in the interim CSEA members that have not submitted proof of vaccination continue to be governed by the weekly testing policy.*


CSEA obtains TRO temporarily staying the Court Systems vaccine mandate

The State Supreme Court granted CSEA a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the implementation of a vaccine mandate for non-judicial Court System workers that was set to go into effect on Monday, September 27, 2021. This Temporary Restraining Order covers Non-Judicial CSEA members only.

The TRO stops the Court System from going ahead with their vaccine mandate until at least next Friday.  On Friday 10/1 we expect there will be a second hearing at which the Court will hear additional arguments from both parties and decide whether or not the TRO will be converted into a preliminary injunction. If the court does convert the TRO into a preliminary injunction, we believe it will last for 60 days, during which the state Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), which enforces public sector labor laws, has been ordered to rule on the underlying Improper Practice Charge previously filed by CSEA.

CSEA’s Improper Practice Charge is based on the Court System’s unilateral imposition of a change in the terms and conditions of employment, without negotiating those changes with CSEA. This decision requires the Court System to negotiate the vaccine mandate with the Union.

To those who are unvaccinated, you will still need to be tested weekly and upload your proof of testing as you have been doing. You do NOT need to be vaccinated if that is your choice. The deadline has been removed for now.