As I’m sure most of you are aware, the temporary restraining order that CSEA had won on September 27 was reversed, initially by Judge Silverman on October 15, and then on appeal of that reversal on October 29.  CSEA received the Appellate Division’s decision denying our appeal over the State Supreme Court Judge’s decision to lift the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), that we initially won to prevent the Unified Court System from implementing their unilateral vaccine mandate.  We had filed our initial Improper Practice (IP) Charge and sought the TRO in order to protect the bargaining rights of all Courts workers, and to require UCS administration to negotiate the implementation of the mandate pursuant to the Taylor Law.

At this point, both mandates have gone into effect. CSEA along with the other court unions, continue to pursue our previously filed Improper Practice charges.  Those charges argue that the OCA acted unilaterally in implementing COVID testing and mandated vaccinations and the respective impact of those two policies.  The improper practice charges have been consolidated by the Public Employment Relations Board, Director of Public Employment Practices, into one case which is going forward even though the temporary restraining order is no longer in effect.  The ALJ hearing the case has set a tentative hearing date of November 29, 2021.


Oftentimes being part of a larger group affords us the opportunity to create a lasting impact.  Jack Fadeley, a western New York toddler from West Seneca is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.  A bone marrow drive is scheduled for this Saturday November 6th at The wings meeting place, 3964 California Rd. in Orchard Park.  Those individuals age 40 and under, who are interested, please take a moment to follow this link  https://my.bethematch.org/Luv4Jack and consider assisting one of your Union Brothers in helping a family in need, by joining the national bone marrow registry.  Potential donors can also text Luv4Jack to 61474. They will then receive a text with the above URL to register.  You can choose a live event or a swab kit can be mailed to you by choosing “I need a kit mailed to me.” The text to join code is NOT case sensitive.  Another option is to scan the QR code , this will also take you to the site to register.  This code can also be used at a live and in-person drive.  The text to join code is: Luv4Jack

Bone marrow donation is referenced in the contract under:

9.5(e) Leaves required by law

An employee shall be entitled to such other leaves of absence with pay as are required by law, including military leave, breast cancer screening, prostate cancer screening and bone marrow screening and donation.

If a potential donor has an issue while registering or wants to know if they are already on the registry, they can call 1-800-MARROW-2 (1-800-627-7692) and a representative will assist them.  If a donor is under 18 years of age and would like to join the pre-registry, they may use any of the above methods to get to the registration site.  However, once there, they will choose the “under 18” option and will be taken to a different site.  They MUST input the code Luv4Jack when asked for the promo code.

To read the full article regarding Jack please click the link below:



Bi-annually CSEA hosts a statewide conference on Occupational Safety and Health. It’s always one of our most popular events, with so many union members interested in learning how they can make their workplaces safer and healthier.

Especially now, during a global pandemic, CSEA wants to open attendance to as many members as possible. That’s why we are inviting all CSEA members to attend. This year CSEA is looking into offering a hybrid conference, held both virtually and in-person, if safe to do so.  This virtual aspect will afford Local 334 members the opportunity to attend this very informative conference.  To help make this happen, if you’re interested in attending we’re asking you to answer a brief survey that will help us plan for next year’s event.

Please take the time to answer our survey today. We will stop accepting responses as of 5pm on Friday, November 12.

To receive updates about the upcoming Conference, and workplace safety and health issues in general, please subscribe to our monthly safety newsletter, the CSEA Safety Net.