The vaccine mandate has been the predominant focus of work for the Union since August; while we were successful initially at obtaining the TRO, we have lost the TRO on appeal.  Currently we are following through with our previously filed improper practice charges, regarding the testing and vaccine mandates (this includes the exemption process).  So you all are aware, CSEA attorneys continue their work in challenging the COVID testing and Vaccine mandates; where city, county and State government entities have failed to negotiate impact and policy with the Union.  To reiterate, the Courts including the US Supreme Court have not found mandatory vaccinations to be unconstitutional.  Therefore, CSEA’s challenges are based on OCA violating the Taylor Law as it relates to instituting the policies, not on the basis that there is a constitutional violation.

Information regarding any new developments in the Vaccine policy or our improper practice charges will continue to be provided to the Local membership via these notices, as well as posted on our Judiciary website.


If your medical or religious exemption request has been denied, you may file complaints with the NYS Division of Human Rights at: and the Federal EEOC at:

These denials are subject to complaints being filed because both are protected under the Constitution.  The one caveat we are stressing, is that our members must have filled out the initial UCS applications in full.  In addition, if applicants whose applications have been returned for additional documentation, fail to complete the entire form, or fail to complete any supplemental forms (e.g. requests for additional information) those applications will be automatically denied.  Should you then attempt to file a complaint of discrimination with either the DOHR or the EEOC, it will be rejected based on the applicant not following the internal process of the employer.  Please be sure to adhere to the deadline stated in the letter supplied by OCA for submission of additional information.


UCS has informed CSEA that these payments will be made to eligible employees on December 22nd, 2021.


In late August, CSEA and OCA representatives exchanged and signed the Ground Rules for negotiations.  The respective negotiating teams met twice in October to begin exchanging proposals. These proposals were formulated from issues that the Local Presidents have come across, along with suggestions from members and the member surveys that were returned.  We have two dates scheduled in December to meet.   We will update the membership via these notices as we move further along in the process.